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Website Management

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Every site you create using either Evo or Pro, WebSite X5 automatically includes an Online Control Panel, which you can use to view information about visits and site performance, as well as to manage actions relating to your online store's shopping cart, blog, and user registration.

All the users who have been added to the Administrators group, in the Access Management window, can access the control panel, using their login name and password.

The URL to link to is given in the URL for Online Control Panel access field: this address cannot be changed and it is always http// where http// is the website's URL.

With Pro edition, you can insert a Logo and define a graphic style for the Control Panel: this is particularly useful if you're creating a website for a client, as it allows you to customize the environment before handing it over.

You can customize the graphic aspect of the online Control Panel using the options available in the Style section:

Login page logo: select the graphics file (.JPG, .GIF, .PNG.) of the logo picture to include in both the login window and the control panel's interface.
Theme Color: specifies the graphic theme to apply to the control panel.

Moreover, with the Pro edition you can stay up-to-date about what happens on your website by setting up the push notifications to be sent every time you get a new order, a new comment, a new user registers and so on:

Enable push notifications: you can activate this option to display the Notifications section on the online Control Panel. Here, you will be able to set up which browser/device notifications you want to receive:
new orders in the online store,
low stock levels,
a new comment in the blog that is approved/to be approved,
a new comment for the Comments and Ratings Object that is approved/to be approved,
registration of a new user that is approved/to be approved.