The Image Properties window

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The Image Properties window

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This window opens when you choose the Image Properties command from the popup menu that opens when you right-click the mouse on an image that has been inserted in a Text Object or the cell of a Table Object. You can use the commands in it to define the image more precisely.

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Just like images that are inserted with the Image Object command, you can define the following Properties properties for images that are inserted directly in a text:

Title: this is the title of the image; it will be added to the title attribute of the <img> tag in the page HTML code.
Alternative Text: this is the text that is shown when the image cannot be displayed for some reason. In the page's HTML code the alternative text will be added to the alt attribute of the <img> tag.

The Title and Alternative Text parameters must be considered carefully, because they are important for website accessibility and optimization.

The following options are also available in the Size window:

Width / Height: use these to set the width and height of the image in pixels, so  you can control the image's size with greater precision. Leave the Keep Ratio selected to keep the ratio between width and height.