Export the Project

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Export the Project

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In this window you can export all the files linked to your project in a single, compressed file so that the project can be transferred to another computer or you can make a backup copy of it.

You have to specify:

Destination path: specify the name you want to export the Project with and the folder where you want it to be saved. If this folder does not exist, it will be created automatically.

After the export is concluded, a compressed file in IWZIP format is created in the specified path, either with the chosen name or the same name the Project has: in this way, if you do not specify a different name, the project called “MyProject” will be exported as MyProject.iwzip. Both the project file (a .IWPRJ file) and all the files linked to it (the files containing graphics, videos, audio, animation, etc.) are saved inside the compressed file.

Before you export the project, you can use the following options:

Include a copy of the WebSite preview files: you can include the files for displaying previews when consulting the website locally (on your computer) in the compressed .IWZIP file. The size of the .IWZIP file will increase but it won't be necessary to recreate the preview files if you transfer the project to another computer.
Include the Backup copies: any backup copies made during project development will also be added to the .IWZIP file. The size of the .IWZIP will increase but you will be able to use the backup copies if you need to restore the project on the computer to which you want to export the project.
Reduce the resolution of larger images: reduces the resolution, and therefore the weight of larger images present in the Project. This is a useful optimization for when the Project is almost finished, and presumably the dimensions of the images you've inserted will no longer be changed. This feature actually allows you to reduce the total file size of your Project,  and therefore speeds up the creation of the site preview.

The compressed .IWZIP file can be transferred to another computer and opened by the Program using the Import... command in the Project Selection window.