Commands in the Privacy section

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Commands in the Privacy section

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You can use the commands in this section to set up and display a banner which is a useful place in which to show your statement on personal data protection,  the use of cookies in the website and so on, which are now often required by law:

Display the statement on website policies banner: select this option if you want the statement on website policies banner displayed on all the pages that give access to the website.
Banner text: use this field for typing the text of the statement to be displayed in the banner. The text editor includes the usual copy and paste commands and the command for adding links in a complete policy.

You can use the options in the Banner style section to indicate whether the message is to be displayed in a box or a banner and to define the appearance of the banner:

Position: you can indicate how the banner is to be placed in the browser window.
Background Color: you can define the background color of the banner.

The options for defining the Content style are:

Font Type: specifies the font, style and size to use for the text. The menu shows the command for applying the Default Font (defined by the style of the Page Text item in the Text Style window), the list of safe fonts (those which are present on all devices and do not need to be published, and all the Google fonts and web fonts added in the Add web fonts window, which is opened by the Other font types command.
Text Color: you can define the text color.
Show "Accept" button: if this is selected, a button is added to the banner which the visitor clicks to accept the use of cookies in the website and aggress to its data protection policy. You can use the Background Color and Text Color options to define the Accept button's style. When the button is clicked, the banner is closed: in this case, the button with the X on it is not present.

The banner is displayed automatically as soon as a visitor opens one of your website pages for the first time. It will appear as a box in the center of the browser window, or as a banner along the top or bottom, depending on your settings. It will always be the right size to contain the complete text.

The banner is only displayed once, when visitors access the website for the first time, thanks to the use of a technical cookie. When visitors click the Accept button or on the X, they implicitly confirm they have read and agree to the policy/policies.

Legislation in matters of privacy, data protection and the use of cookies varies from country to country. You should consult official government websites and institutions to ensure you comply with current requirements and do not expose yourself to sanctions.

This banner is intended to display a policy for the protection of users' rights. If you want to create advertizing banners, we suggest you use the specific commands in the Advertising Message window.