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Privacy and Security

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You can use the commands in this section to enable code protection and specify the type of Captcha you intend using to block spam e-mail:

Enable HTML Code Protection: this enables protection for published website pages, disabling right button mouse clicks. The visitor will not be able to view the pages' source code online using the commands in the context menu that opens when the righthand mouse button is clicked on the pages.
Rules for the password choice: you can choose which rules have to be complied with when creating a password. This option affects every section where the User can choose a password. The available rules are:
Min number of characters: it is possible to set a minimum number of characters the password has to include for it to be valid, otherwise it won’t be accepted;
Mandatory characters: it is possible to define that the password has to include at least a capital letter (A-Z) and/or at least a number (0-9) and/or at least a special character (!%@#).
Captcha type: this indicates the Captcha method that will be used in all the website's e-mail forms (created with the Contact Form Object or in the E-commerce cart) to block the reception of spam e-mails. You can choose between:

WebSite X5 Captcha: this is the default method. This method adds a series of distorted letters, shown in a random order, at the end of the e-mail form: the visitor must copy them correctly in the field in order to send his message.

Google reCaptcha v2: this is the new Captcha system developed by Google. It simply asks the visitor to click to confirm that she/he is not a robot. If there is a security risk, the visitor will then be asked to solve a problem, such as rewriting a text or matching two pictures.

You need to register your website before you can use this service: this will give you the Site key and Secret that WebSite X5 needs.

For more information on Google reCaptcha, to register your website and obtain the parameters necessary to use the service, click on the button to access the official website.


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