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We have included this online guide so that everyone who wants to get started immediately with WebSite X5 to create their own websites, blogs and e-commerce stores can do so, with all the help they need at their fingertips.

Each step of the project development is accompanied by a clear description of every part of the Program's interface that you work on, with a detailed explanation of all the commands and options available in the various menus, panels and windows.

With the explanations and information given in this guide,  the logical and easy-to-follow work sequence and the additional help of previews of your work that are updated in real time, you'll have no problem using WebSite X5 to create eye-catching, interesting and professional websites.

This WebSite X5 guide refers to the Pro and Evo v. 2019.2 editions but may be used in conjunction with other editions/versions of the Program, bearing in mind the specific functional differences between the various versions.

The guide is organized in three sections:

The work environment

This section describes all the functions provided by the software, in the various windows that open while you are creating and publishing your website.

Best Practices

This section contains tutorials that simulate all the steps involved in carrying out certain specific tasks, such as assigning passwords to Members' Areas and creating data-submission forms.

Further information

This section contains further information on various topics that are related to website creation.

Last update: version 2019.2