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When you have finished a work session, or you have finished creating your website, you are ready to move on to Step 5, where WebSite X5 gives you the choice of how to export your project.

Before you start exporting your project, if you have the Pro edition, you can analyse your website to identify any mistakes which may affect both navigation and search engine indexing.

When you are ready to go online, thanks to the built-in FTP engine, you can publish your project files directly on the server: secure connections are used, and you can save time by working in simultaneous connection and publishing only files that have been changed. Alternatively, you can export your website to your own computer, so that you have a copy of the files that will be published on the server. Finally, all the project files can be saved in a single folder, to be transferred to a different computer if you want to work somewhere else.

So, the various export options are:

Analyse and Optimize the WebSite

Upload the WebSite to Internet

Export the WebSite to disk

Export the Project