How to work with the templates

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How to work with the templates

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With WebSite X5, you will find it easy to work on the graphic templates (the backbone of your website), because they are all extremely flexible and easy to use.  Thanks to the default templates, with numerous possibilities of customization and, above all, the possibility of creating templates of your own, you can be sure of obtaining the look you want for your website.

You can also import and export templates (extracting them from the projects they were originally created for), and this makes resource sharing incredibly simple.    

Click to expand/collapseHow to use a default template

WebSite X5 provides a gallery of over 100 default templates, which can be added to by downloading more templates (free of charge or purchased). Choosing the one that is right for you is simple:

Launch a new Project and open the Template selection.
Use the various filters and categories to narrow the search and display only those templates that may be useful for your project.
Look through the preview of the templates to choose the one you like best.
Select the template you want to use and, only if necessary, buy it and/or install it.
Click on the OK button.
Click to expand/collapseHow to create a new template from an empty template

When you have created a layout, using an external graphic editor, you can apply it to your WebSite X5 project by starting from an empty template:

Launch a new Project and open the Template selection and click on the Empty option.
Choose the template skeleton which seems to best correspond to the results you want to obtain and then go to Template Settings and click on Template Structure.
Use the options in the Template Structure. window to set up the structure you want, import the various graphic elements for the layout and define the margins and alignments.
Go back to Template Settings and from here you can continue to work in the other windows for customizing the various styles.


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