WebSite X5 Manager

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WebSite X5 Manager

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This window includes the commands for installing the WebSite X5 Manager app, which gives the same information as the online Control Panel, with the advantage of being able to use it to monitor websites from a mobile device. The administrator can check all his websites from wherever he is, enabling push notifications to receive new comments, new orders, new user registrations, and so on.

The WebSite X5 Manager app is available, free of charge, for both iOS and Android. Once it has been installed, you will be able to access all your websites from it.

You can indicate all the websites that you want to access via the app in the app's Add Website screen. Remember that you can only add websites that have been created using WebSite X5 Pro as from Version 13.

The following options are available for installing the WebSite X5 Manager app:

App Store and Google Play buttons: these buttons give access to the WebSite X5 Manager presentation screens published in the respective stores.
QR Code: you can scan the QR code with your smartphone to go to the app's page in the App Store or on Google Play to install the app.

This option is also available:

Enable push notifications : if you enable this option, the app will automatically send push notifications to the mobile device it has been installed on. You can indicate the events you want to receive push notifications for on the app's website settings screen:
new orders in the online store,
low stock levels,
a new comment in the blog that is approved/to be approved,
a new comment for the Comments and Ratings Object that is approved/to be approved,
registration of a new user that is approved/to be approved.

If the Enable push notifications option is not enabled, you will not receive push notifications from the app.