Commands in the Contents section

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Commands in the Contents section

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You can use the commands in this section to define some general parameters and start creating the list of Posts to publish in your Blog.

You have these options in the General section:

Title: enter the title that you want to give to your Blog in this field. The title is displayed in the browser's title bar and is, obviously, an important element as it helps visitors and search engines to correctly identify the Blog. If you don't give your Blog a title, the title of the website is used by default (you specify this in the Website Settings window.
Description: write a brief description of the Blog in this field. Be brief but clear and to the point: this description is used in the HTML code as the contents of the Description meta tag, and it will be used by search engine spiders to identify your Blog. If you don't enter a description for your Blog, the description of the website, given in the Website Settings window, will be used.
Create RSS Feed including the Blog contents: this option is active by default, and means that an RSS Feed will be created automatically with all the Blog's Posts. The path for the Blog's RSS feeds is http// where http// is the URL of the website with which the Blog is associated (your website).

In the Post List box, you'll see a table showing the Title, the Author, the Category it belongs to, and the Date for publishing all the posts already inserted, as well as the commands for creating and managing Articles, divided between a Tool Bar on top and a sidebar with buttons.

The upper Tool Bar includes the Cut, Copy, and Paste commands for the posts you select. In addition, it also has a search bar to search through the posts..

On the side bar, you'll see the following commands:

Add...: this opens the Post Setting window, where you can add a new Post.
Remove: this deletes the selected Post from the Post List.
Edit...: this opens the Post Setting window where you can edit the Post selected from the Post List.

You can also right-click directly on a post to bring up the shortcut menu which includes the main commands.

Finally, by selecting an Article and clicking on Preview, it is possible to directly preview it on the local Browser.


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